What Level of Microwave Oven is Radiation Dangerous?

Many of us don’t know what level of microwave oven is radiation dangerous? For that reason, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been regulating the manufacture of microwave ovens since 1971. Microwave oven manufacturers must certify their products and comply with safety performance standards designed and enforced by the FDA to protect public health.

Based on current knowledge of microwave oven radiation, the agency believes that ovens that meet FDA standards and are manufactured according to the manufacturer’s instructions are safe for use.

What Level of Microwave oven Radiation is Dangerous

What is microwave oven radiation? 

Microwaves are a condition of “electromagnetic” radiation; they are electric and magnetic energy waves moving together in space. Electromagnetic radiation extends the spectrum from very long radio waves to very small gamma rays. 

The human eye can catch only a small part of this spectrum called visible light. The X-ray machine detects another part of the radio spectrum and uses another part. It forms visible light, microwaves, radio frequency (RF) radiation non-ionizing radiation. 

Non-ionizing radiation does not have good energy to break down electrons from atoms. X-rays are a form of ionizing radiation.

Exposure to ionizing radiation can alter molecules and molecules and cause damage to cells in organic matter. 

Microwaves had used to detect fast-moving cars and transmit telephone and television communications.

Industries use microwaves to dry and cure plywood, cure rubber and resins, bake bread and donuts, and cook potato chips.

But the most common customer use of microwave power is in microwave ovens. Microwaves have three properties that allow them to use in cooking:

  • They reflect through the metal.
  • They pass through glass, paper, plastic, and similar materials.
  • They had absorbed through food.

What level of Microwave oven radiation is dangerous? 

Microwave oven radiation is a type of energy released from the microwave. These microwaves are electromagnetic waves of small radio waves. There are two kinds of radiation, ionized and non-ionized. 

These microwaves come under non-ionized radiation and X-rays. Gamma rays fall under ionizing radiation.

Although microwaves are not very dangerous, they can have some effects when we had constantly exposed to them. The frequency of the microwaves is 2.45 GHz, with a wavelength of 12.2 cm. 

But if we had exposed to ionizing radiation, it can alter the DNA of cells and lead to dangerous diseases. It is all about microwave oven radiation. Now the question is how these microwaves had produced.

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How are microwaves produced in the oven? 

The microwave oven produces waves from a key element called a magnetron. It is the main source for the production of microwaves in the oven. A magnetron is a vacuum tube with a cylindrical cathode in the center. 

The outer tube consists of several cavities that act as an anode. The anode and cathode have an electric field between them and the vertical magnetic field.

Due to the cathode’s high temperature, the electrons are excited and released. The released electrons are attracted to the outer anode. 

With a high negative charge, the electrons oscillate – microwaves form due to the oscillating frequency, equal to its frequency. Thus microwaves are produced in the microwave oven with the help of a magnetron.

In oven work, the main components involved in microwave work are: 

  • The magnetron
  • the waveguide
  • the stirrer
  • the plate turn

The microwaves developed from the magnetron pass through the waveguide and reach the inside of the oven. The stirrer at the oven’s lid spreads the microwaves inside the oven. 

The inner walls of the oven had covered with reflective material, which helps to reflect the waves in the oven. Here the waves reflect, bounce back, and the foam is in motion. 

The waves then penetrate the food and heat the food by vibrating the water molecules in the food. You may notice that water molecules are responsible for producing heat in food.

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How dangerous is Microwave Radiation?

In general, microwave radiation is not a big problem if the oven door is closed tightly. But the problem only arises when the radiation comes out of the oven causes. Oven Radiation occurs when there are holes and openings on the oven surface.

Due to a damaged/modified: 

The oven allows microwaves to pass from the impenetrable walls of the oven to the outer surface.

Damage to the latch of the door: 

It is very common to find defects in the oven door. If you find it, try to fix it as soon as possible. Damaging the door’s latch can cause the oven to send microwaves to the outer surface. 

Due to the old stove: 

Everyone may not know about this problem. The oven, used since antiquity, also allows microwaves on the outside surface. All causes can lead to microwave oven leakage and endanger human life.

How to detect microwave leakage? 

Using a microwave oven leakage detector can detect factors contributing to leakage. The detector detects the radiation range around the microwave.

The process of detecting microwave leakage with a detector: 

First, you must put a glass of water in the oven before detecting and turning on the power switch. It is because running an empty oven can damage the oven. 

Since the efficiency of microwave radiation decreases with distance from it, try to keep the detector just 5 cm away from the oven when locating.


In meters, it can observe that the radiation should be less than or equal to 5 milliwatts of microwave radiation per square centimeter. If you notice more than the ideal reading, your microwave oven is prone to leakage.

Health problems caused by microwave oven leakage: 

Frequent exposure to microwave radiation leakage can cause some health problems. Some of them prefer a change in heart rate, changes in blood count, loss of vision, and burning skin.

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Precautions to Prevent Danger from the Microwave

Here are some important safeguards to take when using microwave ovens. 

Stand at a safe distance:

As mentioned, if the distance from the oven increases, the radiation effect decreases. So, the safest distance to stand away from the stove is 2 inches. 


The general fact of maintenance is that we must replace the oven if its age is more than ten years. Therefore, proper maintenance will protect the fireplace from damage. 

Replacement of damaged parts: 

Damaged parts are the main cause of leaks in the oven. Therefore, it is advisable to replace the parts with new ones. 

Maintain a proper protective metal shield: 

The protective metal sheet on the door protects our eyes from damage caused by microwaves. The holes in the sheet are large enough to protect the eyes from the microwave’s reflection inside the oven.


What Level of Microwave oven Radiation is Dangerous? Use the microwave oven radiation method only when you do not have time to cook food and do not eat microwaved food regularly. If you are more conscious about health, it is better to use other ways to cook food.

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