Top Kids Headlamp 2022 for Camping

Nowadays kids love camping and for that the most important piece of equipment outdoors at night is headlamps. The best kids headlamp for camping is handsfree for kids to read books, roam in the woods, etc.

Kids Headlamp

Kids Headlamps are great, with many advantages and built-in features that make the kid have fun. There is no camping trip unless the kid has a headlamp. Kids will enjoy the headlamps more than the actual camping.

The headlamps for kids while walking in the woods, reading books at night, playing near the tent, etc., will reduce the risk of the light dropping down, water, mud, or stairs. They no need to carry heavy lanterns or flashlights to get sore muscles.

best kids headlamp


Below are some of the uses of a kid’s headlamp.

  • The headlamps are good for hanging at the campfire, taking strolls to the potty, reading intent, etc. It has a wide beam that works to spread the light with less brightness.
  • We can use these headlamps while cooking, camping, working in the car, reading, etc. These lamps come lightweight, and the beam will focus more on the road ahead.
  • The light in the headlamp must not be bright but fit the head of the kids without bouncing around. Some of the lamps have a removal lense for the handlebars.

Factors to consider before Buying Kids Headlamp

Many headlamps that are available in the market are gimmicky and cheap. Instead of choosing cute designs, go for kids headlamps with features that matter. Below are some features to look at when getting a headlamp for kids.

  • Some headlamps are bulky on little kids, and the strap is too wide to be comfortable. So get the headlamp with a small size and thin strap.
  • The headlamps must have an adjustable tilt because when the kid looks up to talk, then the light will blind. With the adjustable tilt, we can tilt the headlamp light downwards. Get a headlamp with adjustable tilt.
  • With the red light feature, we can avoid waking everyone in the tent when we woke up at night. Blue and green lights are not mandatory, but kids like playing with the blue and green light settings. Choose the headlamp with this feature of color lights.
  • Most kids use headlamps more than adults and forget to turn them off. So get a headlamp with good battery life for long-lasting use.
  • Look for kids headlamps with less than 200 lumens to avoid eye damage when they automatically look into the light. Purchase the headlamp with less brightness which will not cause any damage to the eyes.
  • Kids will not take good care of the headlamps, so go for the lamps that are durable and long-lasting. Some people choose cheap headlamps and expect them to break quickly.

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Best Kids Headlamp for Camping

The best kids headlamp for camping are below:

Name of The ProductPrice
Foxelli LED HeadlampCheck Price on Amazon
EVER LE LED HeadlampCheck Price on Amazon
GearLight LED Head LampCheck Price on Amazon
Vont LED LampsCheck Price on Amazon
Black DiamondCheck Price on Amazon

Foxelli LED Headlamp

The Foxelli is super bright LED technology with 165 feet beam. It has a wide variety of white and red light modes and 45 degrees tiltable body.

The tiltable body will make the headlamp brightest and more versatile in its class. The SOS and strobe mode keep us safe in any difficult situation.

These lamps are waterproof and durable and rated IPX5, which means they will protect against splashing and spraying of water from any angle.

Foxelli LED Headlamp

The headlamps are very comfortable and feel like they are not wearing; it weighs only 3.2ounces along with batteries.

It is easy to adjust with an ergonomic design with an elastic headband perfect for long-distance runners for a comfortable fit. With the MX20 leading technology, the lamp gives more light with less power, resulting in up to 45 hours of runtime.

EVER LE LED Headlamp

The EVER LE LED headlamp is a dimmable kids headlamp with flashing red light, hard hat, and lightweight helmet headlight for running, camping, hiking, reading, fishing, etc. It has 3 AAA batteries with four lighting modes, 18 white LEDs, and two red LEDs with which there will be sufficient brightness for working and running. The red lighting mode is for emergency use.

EVER LE LED Kids Headlamp for camping

Two loop buckles enable adjustment of both the head-round band and top band. We can wear these lamps over baseball caps, hard hats, construction, and cycling caps.

It has 90-degree adjustable and tiltable light. The head stays steady after positioning the handsfree lamp. The lamp is small and lightweight, and easy to carry around.

GearLight LED Head Lamp

The GearLight LED headlamp is a powerful handsfree LED for camping. The LED lights will generate a brilliant, long-lasting beam with daylight color and definition.

They even run up to 10+ hours on the low settings. It has a removable, adjustable, and washable headband that fits comfortably for kids and adults. The headlamp weighs 3 ounces with batteries which are ideal for outdoor adventures.

GearLight LED best kids HeadLamp

These are versatile, premium headlamps with a 45-degree adjustable head to light wherever we need them. Choose from 7 different lighting modes from white strobe to rea beam from safety. The headlamp is water-resistant, shockproof, and suitable for rain or snow, indoors or outdoors.

Vont LED Lamps

Vont LED lamp is the best kids headlamp for camping. It features the super bright proprietary VLEDS that can vividly light up the immediate vicinity even in total darkness.

The unbeatable battery life is up to 90 hours and easily lights up the entire tent, road, or even a mountain. It has seven easy lighting modes that are quick and single button press to toggle.


There are features like low, medium, high, strobe for the main light and low, SOS, and strobe for sidelights. We can efficiently use the only light we want.

It has an ergonomic 45-degree tilt that will never strain or crane the neck. The Vont LED headlamp is waterproof, drop-resistant, and portable, so we no need to worry about rain or dropping it.

Black Diamond

The black Diamond headlamp is a plastic lamp that looks simple and easy to use. It has two single-power LEDs that provide 30 lumens of proximity lighting with full strength, dimmed, and strobe modes. The lamp has a head that tilts in both directions so that we can put it even upside down.

Black Diamond

It has ultra-compact batteries in the front design that uses two AAA batteries. The Black diamond is the best kids headlamp for camping with CPSIA certification and a child-proof enclosure, which requires an opening tool.

It is conveniently molded onto the elastic adjuster and breakaway elastics safety strap. The best suggestion is to power off after two hours to avoid accidental battery drain.


People look for the best kids headlamp for camping that is safe, trustworthy, and easy to use. Choose the headlamp which does not use lithium-ion batteries that are dangerous for kids. Go for the lamps that have rechargeable batteries which also save money and reduce waste.

Go for the headlamps that are waterproof and lightweight for kids so that if the kids drop them down, there will be no damage. If looking for durability, go for headlamps with fewer designs, and for more fun designs, choose which costs less.

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