Top Carbon Monoxide Detector for Camping

Most campers do not think of the dangers of using Carbon Monoxide gas. However, this Carbon Monoxide gas killed many campers in the past and is a serious threat to campers. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless, invisible, and deadly gas, so we must use a CO detector to detect and avoid accidents. Here we can know about the best carbon monoxide detector for camping.

What is the Best Carbon Monoxide Detector for Camping

There are many stories about the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning on the vacations of campers. CO will accumulate due to butane and propane appliances such as lanterns, cookers, and heaters. So the only way to be safe is by using the best carbon monoxide detector for camping.

How Do the Carbon Monoxide Detectors Work?

The carbon monoxide detector monitors the CO gas concentration in the air. It works according to the three functions:

Biometric Sensor: In the Biometric Sensor, a color-changing gel sets off an alarm when the pre-set CO reaches the levels.

Metal Oxide Semiconductors: In the oxide semiconductor sensor, an electric circuit is to monitor the presence of CO.

Electrochemical Sensor: In this sensor, the electrodes monitor changes in electrical currents caused by increasing CO levels.


  • The Carbon monoxide detectors are inexpensive.
  • These detectors will last for several years.
  • The detectors will alert the campers from the potentially dangerous carbon monoxide gas.


  • The CO detectors from the big box will store the alarm at 70ppm, which is too high for camping.
  • These detectors are not waterproof and cannot withstand the outdoor life, so the campers must select it wisely.
CO detector for campers

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Exposure

There are many symptoms that the campers suffer from CO exposure. Below are some of them:

  • Headache
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Chest Pain
  • Stomach irritation
  • Sometimes lead to the death of the individual

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4 Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Camping

Below are some of the Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Camping.

Name Of The ProductPrice on Amazon
Klein Carbon Monoxide DetectorCheck Price On amazon
Kidde Detector with BatteryCheck Price On amazon
First Alert DetectorCheck Price On amazon
X-sense Carbon Monoxide DetectorCheck Price On amazon

1. Klein Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Klein Carbon Monoxide detector is with an easy-to-use meter and measures concentration levels of CO gas. It is a portable detector with ser protection and a short-term exposure limit (STEL) alarm.

Klein has features like a backlit LCD screen, warning indicator light, audible and visible alarms, and multiple function buttons.

The detector includes a carrying pouch and 4*AAA batteries. The backlit display has CO measurements (0 to 1000ppm) and temperature.

It powers off automatically after 20 minutes of no usage helps conserve battery life. This meter is for use as personal protection equipment.

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2. Kidde Detector with Battery Backup

The Kidde CO detector is a plug-in alarm with battery backup that provides a warning signal to protect from dangerous levels of CO at camping. Its battery backup feature continuously monitors carbon monoxide levels even during power outages.

Kidde detector contains battery backup and uses high-tech electrochemical sensors to provide accurate readings that will always keep protected.

These are time-weighted alarms based on time and concentration of CO levels, which will prevent nuisance alarms every day.

3. First Alert Detector

The First Alert Carbon Monoxide detector is to keep the family safe from CO. The alarm works with any standard outlet and has a battery backup for continuous monitoring of CO levels even if there is a power failure. It has features of an advanced electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor that accurately detects CO levels.

It is simple to use with a single test/silence button. A loud 85-decibel alarm sounds when the carbon monoxide levels reach dangerous.

It makes a beep sound which means replacing the batteries in the detector. If it beeps five times, it is time to replace your detector.

4. X-sense Carbon Monoxide Detector

X-sense Detector is equipped with an electrochemical CO sensor to provide instant alerts when CO levels range from 30 to 999ppm.

It has a replaceable lithium battery, which has a long lifespan of up to 10 years. The detector has a blue backlit LCD that allows seeing any dramatic changes in CO levels.

It provides the earliest warning of CO threats, and it is easy to determine the remaining battery life and working status.

The features of the CO detector are a 3-color LED indicator, informative LCD, Self-check function, flexible installation, test/mute button, etc.

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Campers camping must be safe and not use propane appliances inside the tents. They must have a carbon monoxide detector or alarm to prevent a potential tragedy from poisoning. Many campers suffer from different illnesses due to CO gas and even death.

FAQs of Best Carbon Monoxide Detector for Camping

Is Carbon Monoxide Dangerous for Camping?

The carbon monoxide levels can become dangerous, killing the individuals quickly in the tents. For this reason, the campers must carry a detector to protect themselves and monitor the CO leveling their closed camping.

From where can I get Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector?
Many retailers in the market sell portable CO detectors that are waterproof and very convenient for camping and tents.

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