How to clean dehumidifier coils?

You need to know how to clean dehumidifier coils. We do not guarantee that you will like the job, but that someone should do it. The good thing is, if you clean them regularly, they will change easily. 

Do not accumulate dirt on the coils. A clean dehumidifier can easily reduce the humidity level from 70 percent to the recommended 30 to 55 percent. In addition, mold can form on the coils if left unattended for too long.

Clean dehumidifier coils 

Dehumidifiers draw air from your home’s cold coils; Cold air forms a condensate that escapes into the catch bucket. The air had sent over the warm coil and back into the room. 

Give your dehumidifier plenty of space away from walls, furniture, and other objects to allow air to flow more easily and make the device works more efficiently.

According to Energy Star, don’t use a dehumidifier in areas where there is a source of dust and dirt, such as near woodworking equipment or where the coils may become clogged and malfunction. 

When cleaning your dehumidifier coils, check your manufacturer’s instructions on how to do it. There are many types of dehumidifiers today, which is important because they had built differently. 

Waiting too long to clean the coils can clog up dust, hair, and other substances that come out of the air. It will not allow the dehumidifier to work properly.

How to clean dehumidifier coils

Benefits of cleaning your dehumidifier

  • It lasts longer 
  • You always have fresh, clean indoor air 
  • Cleaning You may need to replace defective components or filters 
  • many other

How do you know coils need cleaning? They contain dust, snow, or dirt. Make it a routine to clean the coils while cleaning the rest of the appliance. 

When you have moisture, you have to deal with white dust. When you have its sister dehumidifier, you must deal with coil cleaning.

Before cleaning dehumidifier coils, we must first know how to clean the dehumidifier’s parts. So let’s take a quick look at cleaning the individual dehumidifier parts with the vinegar mentioned below:

How to wash a dehumidifier with vinegar? 

Using vinegar is one of the most comfortable ways to scrub and disinfect your dehumidifier. Using a vinegar solution can help prevent mold growth inside your dehumidifier. We recommend using equal parts water and vinegar solution to clean your dehumidifier.

Mix water and vinegar and use this solution to scrub the inside of your dehumidifier tank and other dirty areas. Using a vinegar solution is a perfect choice for many people because it is readily available and safe to use.

The vinegar solution is strong enough to wash and disinfect most dehumidifiers. We suggest using a vinegar solution to clean most plastic parts of the dehumidifier – such as its tank and body. 

Read below for instructions on cleaning the individual parts of your dehumidifier.

How to clean the dehumidifier filter?

To clean your dehumidifier’s filter, observe these steps:

  • Turn off and unplug your dehumidifier.
  • Remove the filter.
  • Clean off excess dust.
  • Rinse with water. 
  • Dry the filter.

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How to clean the dehumidifier tank?

To clean your dehumidifier’s tank, observe these steps:

  • Turn off and unplug your dehumidifier.
  • Remove the tank.
  • Prepare your cleaning solution.
  • Soak the tank in the cleaning solution.
  • Scrub the tank.
  • Rinse the tank.

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How to clean out mold from a dehumidifier?

If you have mold development inside your dehumidifier, follow these steps to remove it:

  • Turn off and unplug your dehumidifier.
  • Examine the mold growth.
  • Clean the dehumidifier.
  • Use an anti-mold reagent.

So finally, take a brief explanation of how to clean dehumidifier coils using the three steps mentioned below:

3 Steps for Cleaning Dehumidifier Coils

The coils do not take long to clean. Get the following things: 

  • A small brush, a moderately stiff bristle. 
  • An evaporator coil Cleaner.
  • Vacuum hose and its Brush attachment. 
  • A pair of gloves. 
  • Clean rags or towels. 
  • Warm water.

Step 1: Unplug the unit from power: 

It should always be the first thing to do for any powered appliance. Choose a good place to clean the appliance because a lot of dirt has loosened. You will need a large piece of nylon paper or an old bed sheet that you no longer use.

Step 2: Getting to the Coils: 

Before you get to the coils, you need to do more cleaning. Since this post is just for coils, we’ll jump right into it. First, it’s best to start with a wipe-down of the exterior, covers, and all.

These are usually free of grease or dirt. Second, you need to disassemble the hose and clean it as well. If yours is small and has a reservoir instead of a hose, you’ll need to clean that as well.

Remove the filters and clean them. If they have worn out, you can replace them with new ones. You can use a damp cloth to clean the fan blades. 

Step 3: Clean the dehumidifier Coils: 

The heart of the matter is here. Here’s what we said you need.

1. Use a gentle brush to clean surface dirt: 

First, you should use a moderately soft-bristled brush to scrub in an up and down motion. It removes surface dust. You can buy such a brush on the amazon website. However, the above step only removes surface dust. 

You’ll have dirt and grime if it’s been a while since you cleaned the coils. No worries, it’s super easy to pull off! 

2. Spray with foaming solvent for evaporators: 

After removing surface dust and dirt, spray your foaming solution on the coils. If you’ve seen an auto mechanic use WD-40 rust remover on rusty discs, web cleaner works the same way. Spraying it loosens the hardened dust.

3. Use the brush again after spraying: 

If necessary, or if your coils had caked! Scrub vigorously with your brush. The dirt starts to fall off. However, be careful with the wings because you should not bend them.

4. Rinse the coils with lukewarm water: 

All build-up from the coils is gone. Now, this is the last step. Cover the engine so it does not get water, and clean the coils with warm water. 

You can soak a sponge in water and squeeze it into the coils. They wash well, and you do not have to water the coils.

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An important tip

You can add a brush tool to your vacuum hose and use it to scrub the coils. Scrub them in up and down motion and make them smooth without damaging them.


How clean dehumidifier coils is a small process. It is straightforward. Cleaning the coils also reveals that something had worn out. 

You’ll not want to clean the rest of the appliance and keep the coils dirty, right? This task on how to clean the condenser coils on the dehumidifier will take you an hour, and you had done.

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