How to change a wick in a kerosene heater?

Change in a wick in a kerosene heater is usually an easy process. Still, it has its subtleties and always needs to be done correctly. If you want to use such a machine in your home, you must have the skill to know how to work with kerosene heater wick adjustment. 

Wick is the heart and spirit of your kerosene heater. If you use good fuel and clean your wicks regularly, they will last a long time. 

However, if you want your kerosene heater wick to burn well, it will need to be replaced. So, here is our step-by-step direction on how to go about it.

When to change a wick in a kerosene heater? 

Here are the signs you need to replace the wick in your kerosene heater. 

  • The flame is torn, uneven, irregular, or does not reach up to 3 inches above the burn plate. 
  • The wick is hard to light. 
  • The wick will light up, but it will take a long to return to normal burn condition.
  • Wick’s position is difficult to move. 
  • The wick feels tight or has visible deposits of hard material. 
  • Wick was thin and worn out.

Always try to clean the wick first.

The wick will become dirty with deposits when you use your kerosene heater. These deposits cause the heater to burn inefficiently and cause a lot of smoke and bad odors. 

Instead of changing the wick immediately, try cleaning it first. you had cleaned fiberglass wicks with “dry burning.” Cotton wicks had cleaned by cutting the top 3 inches. 

You can also clean cotton kerosene wicks deposits by brushing. If the problem water is contaminated, you can soak the wick in wood alcohol for about 5 minutes to remove the water. Make sure the alcohol is totally dry before you replace the wick.

How should I clean my kerosene heater wick? 

It would be perfect if you cleaned or cut your kerosene heater wick first after using it for one week or about 3.5 gallons of kerosene. 

After that, when the visible part looks hard – usually clean or trim the wick after every few tanks. If you use low-quality or old fuel, you may need to clean your wick more frequently.

How should I replace my kerosene heater wick? 

If cleaned regularly, you do not need to replace your wicks often. Ideally, it would help if you replaced the heater wick at the end of the season, so you have a new one ready for next season.

How to change a wick in a kerosene heater?

Here are our step-by-step directions on how to change a wick in a kerosene heater:

  • Before you start, you only need a few simple items – a pair of heavy working gloves for protection, a screwdriver or two in the right size for your heater screws, and a reusable plastic bag for the old wick.  
  • After that, lift the device’s cabinet and take the cabinet base – if any – as well. 
  • Put on heavy work gloves and extract the shield of the adjustable wick assembly.
  • Remove the screws securing the burner assembly, and then remove it. 
  • Remove the wick assembly cover by turning it slightly in the counterclockwise direction. 
  • Then, remove the wick and wick sleeve inside the adjustment assembly. 
  • Remove it by pulling the wick inside to remove the wick from the wick sleeve. 
  • After that, put the wick in a plastic bag and close it. 
  • Set the new wick inside the wick sleeve. 
  • Secure it by engaging the wick pins in the slots inside their sleeve. 
  • Push it a little to make sure it is stored properly. 
  • Reassemble the wick sleeve inside the wick adjustment assembly. 
  • Make sure the wick pins slot inside the adjustment is correct and secure. 
  • Place the wick cover back on the assembly and ensure it is properly deformed.
  • Place the entire wick adjustment assembly on the burner and inside the heater base. 
  • Replace the wing nut screws and tighten them correctly. 
  • Briefly establish the wick adjustment knob on the heater and push the wick up and down to ensure the wick had correctly installed and working.
  • Then remove the knob. Reinstall the cabinet base and cabinet and tighten its screws securely. 
  • Put all the knobs and powers back on the heater permanently.


Congratulations on reaching the end of this article! We hope you find the solutions to your questions about how to change a wick in a kerosene heater. 

The time and struggle you put into reading this guide are greatly appreciated. Now you know how to safely and efficiently change a wick in a kerosene heater.

Always be safe and follow proper safety guidelines, especially when heating appliances. You can prevent fires and other accidents in the home by knowing the cause.

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