Best way to make a coffee while Camping

Best way to make coffee while Camping

There are some things we can offer while in the backcountry. For some of us, coffee is not one of them. Whether you are ultra light backpacking or car-camping, I am here to tell you that you can make coffee while camping! Coffee adds amazing energy before you get back to your morning.  On a …

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How to change a wick in a kerosene heater?

How to change a wick in a kerosene heater

Change in a wick in a kerosene heater is usually an easy process. Still, it has its subtleties and always needs to be done correctly. If you want to use such a machine in your home, you must have the skill to know how to work with kerosene heater wick adjustment.  Wick is the heart …

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Top Kerosene Heater for Garage

kerosene heater for garage

When you hear the word ‘kerosene heater for garage,’ you may think it is an old-school idea. Well, it’s not! You will be glad to know that the best kerosene heater for the garage is becoming very popular these days. It’s because such heaters are great alternatives to other electric heaters.  What is a Kerosene …

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