Can you drink water from a dehumidifier?

Can you drink water from a dehumidifier? A dehumidifier is a useful tool, especially if you live in humid areas. Humid air harbors many bacteria and negatively affects the quality of life. 

A dehumidifier extracts water vapor from the air, leaving it fresh and clean. During the dehumidifying process, the tank collects water from the air. Any way you use water is great. 

Whether dehumidifier water is safe to drink crosses many people’s minds. The answer is no, and dehumidifier water is not for drinking. Read on if you want to know the details.

Can you drink water from a dehumidifier

Why don’t you drink water from a dehumidifier? 

Dehumidifiers work on two principles: cooling and absorption. 

In cooling, moist air passes through cooling coils or grills with an electric fan. When the water hits the hard surface, it condenses, and fresh air is pumped back into the room. 

A drip chamber in the dehumidifier collects the condensed water. Although the water vapor has gone through the extraction process, the water is still not clear at this stage. Mold spores and bacteria had expected in humid air, and condensation does not purify water from such contaminants. 

The other method utilizes a mixture of absorption and absorption. In this type of dehumidifier, the water-absorbing material covers the entire cage. This cage rotates and absorbs most of the moisture in the air.

As a result, the air becomes much less humid than before. The next step is a hot electric fan that blows warm air. As the air passes in front of the fan, drainage of the remaining vapor in the atmosphere occurs. 

Finally, the dehumidifier now releases clean air back into the room. Both dehumidification methods are perfect in their work, but they still do not succeed in making it drinkable.

Many people mistake dehumidification for distillation. That’s why they think this water is safe to drink. But the two processes are entirely different and serve other purposes; It had not distilled dehumidifier water.

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How does condensation differ from distillation? 

You can purify water by distillation. A distillation apparatus boils water by heating it. As a result, the water evaporates, going behind all the impurities. This water vapor then goes to another container. 

This container’s cold surface condenses the vapors, twisting them into liquid water. 

Distilled water is purified and safe to drink.

The discrepancy between distillation and condensation is evaporation. A dehumidifier does not vaporize the water before it condenses. In turn, the water from the dehumidifier is unclean and undrinkable.

Distilled water

How to make a dehumidifier for drinking water? 

Although the dehumidifier water is not sterile, you can purify the water for drinking. Water purification had done through many methods. 


Through the distillation process, you can remove germs from the water and make it drinkable. You have already read about the distillation method above. 

Reverse osmosis: 

Reverse osmosis is another water cleansing method. It uses a partially porous surface or membrane. When water flows through this surface, all impurities and large molecules are absorbed into the body, leaving the water safe for usage. 

You may purify the water from the dehumidifier by the methods mentioned above. However, this water is still not good for drinking.

Many factors play a part in making water pure. Perhaps the material of the drip chamber is not suitable for intake. For these reasons, you should not drink this water even after treatment.

Boiling Dehumidifier Water: 

The easiest way to drink dehumidifier water is to boil it. The boiling process removes harmful chemicals and bacteria from the water, making it safe to drink after a few minutes of treatment. 

Boiling works just as well, so you don’t need to use a fancy distiller system or buy bottled water from stores.

All you have to do is placed your dehumidifier basin under hot running tap water, and all the liquid collected inside will boil in one or two minutes. If you have multiple machines around the house, you can also boil several basins at once for added convenience.

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Use a filtration system: 

A dehumidifier can also process water through a filtration system before storing it in your container, making it clean and safe to drink. The easiest way to apply activated charcoal in filter media is because this material is porous and has a high surface area. 

For trapping impurities on its surface as water passes through it. You can attach such a unit to your barrel’s faucet or use filters to suit your needs after collecting dehumidifier water from its drainage basin using pre-cleaned containers. 

It only takes a minute for each batch to do all the work by gravity, so it works well if you need instantly filtered drinking water.

Add minerals: 

Since dehumidifier water is like distilled water, it has been stripped of all the useful minerals. What’s more, various filtration systems remove small minerals left in the dehumidifier water during processing. 

So, you can add some of it back before drinking or cooking with it. For example, dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt in a gallon of distilled water and stir well until the mixture has completely dissolved. 

Heat this solution over low heat if necessary, so you do not burn yourself when you touch it with bare hands or accidentally spill its contents on unprotected skin.

Where can you use dehumidifier water? 

If you cannot drink dehumidifier water, will you throw it away? Certainly not. You can use water from a dehumidifier for a variety of purposes: 

  • You can utilize this water in your car radiator tank. 
  • You can also use the dehumidifier water in the windshield wiper tank. 
  • Steam iron needs water.
  • You can utilize water from your dehumidifier to fill it. 
  • It can water and rinse your plants. 
  • Another way to use it is to fill the water reserve tank of your toilet. 
  • You can use this water to wash and clean the house by mixing dehumidifier water with cleaning agents and ammonia. 

Key takeaway: 

Although the dehumidifier goes through a water condensation process, it is still not safe to drink. Let’s guide you through the important points in the article: 

  • Dehumidifier water goes through condensation, not distillation. 
  • Distillation uses evaporation to purify water and keep minerals intact.
  • Distillation is not the same as condensation. 
  • You can purify dehumidified water. 
  • Even purified water is not safe to drink.
  • However, you can use it for various household purposes, such as irrigating plants. 

In the end, you should not waste anything but for your health and safety, avoid drinking dehumidifier water.


You cannot drink water from a dehumidifier because it contains contaminants such as bacteria and traces of metals. Furthermore, like distilled water, water stored in a dehumidifier does not benefit you in any way because it does not contain useful minerals. However, you can filter the water, boil it or chemically purify it and use it for drinking.

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