5 Best Talking Microwaves for the Blind 2022

Most microwaves are not suitable for the blind. Luckily we got some companies that made models for them, like talking microwaves. These microwaves are specially for the needs of the blind with a limited edition. So here we can learn about the best talking microwaves for the blind.

Best Talking Microwaves

What are Talking Microwaves?

Microwaves are for cooking to make life easier and sometimes complicated, especially for people with disabilities.

Microwaves are basic fundamental help for everyone in the kitchen and can help the blind like talking microwaves, machines with memory pads, braille keypads, dial knobs, timer limits, etc.

Talking microwaves are with the additional feature functionality of voice control. It must connect to the smart device at home and control the microwave with the voice commands.

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Buyer Guidance

To choose the best talking microwaves for the blind, look for standout features. Below are some of them:

Smart Sensor

Microwaves with smart sensors will simplify their functions, especially for the blind. A good microwave with a built-in smart sensor will make heating decisions like whether to continue heating the food or not, detecting the temperature and humidity of food while cooking, etc.

The smart sensor feature is particularly for those with less vision because it eliminates monitoring the food by themselves. We must put the food in the microwave and let it do the rest.

Voice Control

With the use of voice control, microwaves become talking microwaves. Voice control is an extremely important feature for the blind. It makes operating the microwave hands-free or using other smart devices like smartphones to control it.

Talking microwaves must connect with the smart devices at home like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc., to allow you to communicate directly with the microwaves.

Just ask to heat the food for dinner, and it will do it. Microwaves will also send audible reminders for power level, cooking time, and leftover food in the microwave.

Big Knobs/Dials

Most microwaves will have small buttons that look aesthetic and are sometimes frustrating to work for the blind.

It is best to opt for big dials or knobs in microwaves because it makes the appliance more accessible and user-friendly.

Look for microwaves with smart sensors, voice control, and big dials or knobs; they are a must for blind people who traditionally want to set the time to heat.

Braille Keypad

The Braille keypad is a great additional feature of talking microwaves for blind individuals. Since the small buttons and letters make it difficult to read, the braille keypad will help to a great extent.

It is a great option for the blind who are not tech-savvy and want traditionally; it can have more control over the microwave functions.

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Best Talking Microwaves

Below are some of the best talking microwaves; choose the required one wisely.

S.NoName of the ProductPrice on Amazon
1Toshiba ML-EM34P(SS) Smart Countertop MicrowaveCheck Price
2Sharp ZSMC1449FS Talking MicrowaveCheck Price
3Panasonic Microwave OvenCheck Price
4Commercial Chef CHM009 Countertop Microwave OvenCheck Price
5GE Smart Countertop Microwave OvenCheck Price

1. Toshiba ML-EM34P(SS) Smart Countertop Microwave

Toshiba ML-EM34P(SS) comes with a hands-free operation integrated with Alexa. We can use an echo device that brings convenience by voice command or app control.

The preset menus consist of 23 popular foods like pizza, popcorn, vegetables, etc. It has a humidity sensor that adjusts cooking power to achieve optimum heating.

There is a sound off/on the button that allows stopping the annoying beep after the cooking finish. Toshiba microwave has LED cavity light and energy-saving ECO mode, which helps reduce energy consumption.

2. Sharp ZSMC1449FS Talking Microwave

Sharp ZSMC1449FS Smart is the first 1.4 cu. Ft Countertop microwave that works with Alexa and is certified for Humans. It is a smart homemade easy microwave for non-experts also.

We can set up the Alexa in a simple way. It has over 70 simple voice commands; that connect to the smart device and cook hands-free. It is one of the best talking microwaves for the blind.

Connect the smart microwave to the echo device and enable convenient voice commands automatically. Sharp talking microwave is an easy-to-clean brushed stainless steel finish.

3. Panasonic Microwave Oven

Panasonic Microwave oven has 950-watt high power, 0.8 cubic foot capacity stainless countertop. It has inverter technology with turbo defrost.

The patented inverter technology will generate a seamless power stream and deliver consistent, evenly prepared food without overcooking.

The advanced inverter turbo will speed up the defrosting time. The countertop microwave with an 11 1/4 inch turntable is thinner, lighter, and more efficient, allowing less space for electronics and more internal capacity.

It has genius sensor settings that automatically adjust the power and time based on different foods. The other advantages of Panasonic microwave are preset menu items, quick minute timer, delay start, and child safety lock.

4. Commercial Chef CHM009 Countertop Microwave Oven

Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave is a kitchen countertop oven for preparing snacks, heating the leftover food, or preparing food. It has a durable, strong construction with a stainless steel front display and black cabinet for compact durability.

It also has ten cooking power levels that provide tremendous flexibility and helps to deliver a quality meal every time. Commercial chef has six one-touch quick cook menu buttons like popcorn, beverages, pizza, frozen food, reheat, etc.

The commercial chef’s stainless steel front panel looks as great as it works. Its convenient auto weight and speed defrost like professional chefs. It has a push-button style door with peace of mind.

5. GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven

GE Smart Countertop oven is one of the best talking microwaves. Cooking made smarter with wifi powered by smart HQ. The voice-enabled cooking allows turning the microwave on and off.

We can add time or change power level through Alexa or Google assistant. It has scan-to-cook technology that saves time and optimizes frozen food preparation.

The microwave has a space-saving exterior and spacious interior with 900 watts of power and 0.9cu, ft. Its inside allows effective and efficient cooking while not taking up the valuable kitchen space. The glass turntable will rotate for optimum cooking.

The microwave has an easy setup; freestanding fits easily on the countertop or open shelf. It has a 39-inch power cord.

It is a simple one-touch operation with convenience cooking controls, a kitchen timer, child lock controls, and complete cooking alarms that will add convenience.

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